Our Mission

Abide Family Blessings (AFB) provides safe functional products for Christians. Our products and events are produced and designed to inspire men, women and children on to remain champions in the faith. Our designs are unique–all engraved with scripture verses from the Holy Bible. All of our products are divinely inspired! Our mission is to produce products for the body of Christ, and those who want to live a satisfying and fruitful life of faith, peace and prosperity. Busy moms, dads and business owners are oftentimes too busy to tap into their full potential. Our events will inspire, empower and impact individuals to remain champions in their faith. We want to motivate and encourage individuals with our product line of gifts and fun events. We feel called to make a positive impact on every life we encounter. Our events inspire individuals to step out of their comfort zone and tap into their greatness successfully by understanding their God given talents. We want to encourage you to live by godly principles and be the success God created you to be.

Our Vision

Our company is dedicated to producing products and services that will enhance scripture memory and encourage you to applying biblical principles to your life. We believe each and every product launched by Abide Family Blessings shows our passion for sharing God in a way that will positively influence your life, and create a desire for you to share and apply God’s word with family and friends.

Why we do what we do

We face the same challenges you face. Life can be hard—it takes much more than the world can give to lead a purpose-filled and joyful life. There is chaos among families, women need encouragement to be strong and our children need to be taught how to become leaders. Life is a process, and our American culture, in many ways is the antithesis of the value system Jesus lived on earth. Beverly is confident that she is being obedient to what God has asked of her, that is—to influence people to abide in him, minute-by-minute and day-by-day. Beverly’s personal experience with God is authentic, which is the driving force behind everything this company does. We know that in God, there is more to come…much, much more!

Beverly’s days are busy…

She is the first to say, “I face the same challenges every other woman faces. Life can be hard—it takes much more than the world can give to lead a purpose-filled and joyful life.

Beverly believes when we share God’s love, true healing and prosperity will come. These results come from holding tenaciously to the Word of God. She wants you to understand this truth…..only God knows our true destiny and purpose. Our company’s mission and purpose is to get others to learn the importance of nurturing relationships and making the living word of God a daily priority. When we consistently seek and listen to the voice of the Lord, and put our trust in Him, only then will a believer feel freedom and wholeness.

Author of Abiding in God’s Word, she offers readers a candid look at her awakened walk with God. She offers specific steps of action on how Jesus she received a message from an angel which lead to her to her company Abide Family Blessings, LLC—a company product line of inspirational gifts. Every product launched by Abide Family Blessings shows her passion for sharing God in a way that will positively encourage men, women and children to embrace God’s virtues in their own lives.

Beverly is a speaker with Christian Women in Media Association, but you can contact her directly with your speaking requests. Email is great, but she welcomes a phone call, so don’t be shy, phone today. She looks forward to hearing from you—and no doubt your audience will benefit from her message of a loving, all-powerful God who transforms lives. For women who are struggling and for those who think they’re doing pretty good—there’s more! Beverly is excited about this mission God has given her. She knows if she can do it with God’s help, others can do the same. She encourages all her audiences to abide in God, minute-by-minute and day-by-day, to achieve a greater sense of contentment.

Before stepping out in faith to make Abide Family Blessings a full time career focus, Beverly owned a successful interior design firm in her hometown of Ellicott City, Maryland. Prior to running her own business, she served in management for three nationally known companies: General Electric, MCI, and Coca-Cola Enterprises.